Student Learning

• Teaching Assistants (TA)

The responsibility of the TA in NTNU is not only to teach, but also to learn and grow as instructors. As such, CTLD has been providing the latest and the best possible TA training and services for hundreds of NTNU’s TAs. This includes:

  • Raising instructional quality through TA professional development programs
  • Organize and constantly update online professional development mini-courses.
  • TA Award of Excellence in Teaching

In order to develop the ability of EMI TAs to create an all-English friendly communication classroom environment, CTLD provides EMI TA Training courses with a goal of improving the overall quality of EMI courses at NTNU. Besides, CTLD also offers NT$8,000 for EMI TAs of each subsidized EMI course when the subsidized EMI TAs complete EMI TA training courses and meet the required monthly working hours. (02)7749-1890 (TA Training) (02)7749-1888 (TA Employment) (02)7749-1896 (EMI TA)

    • Programs for Student Learning

    Student learning is the core of education. Part of CTLD’s mission is to promote and support student learning in NTNU such that every student will be able to excel in their own way. To achieve our stated mission, CTLD current provides the following student learning support programs:

    • Student Tutor Program
    • The program was established to encourage students to do service learning by becoming tutors through peer tutoring and helping fellow students with special learning needs or difficulties.

    • The Study Group Project
    • CTLD has launched the Study Group Project to provide assistance to students with learning difficulties, and to improve the advising strategy and ability of teaching assistants and tutors. The study group brings together faculty, student tutors, and students together for an informal, low stress learning experience.

    • Chen Guang (Morning Light) Learning Project for Disadvantaged Students
    • This project provides disadvantaged students with learning opportunities through participation in additional courses. Disadvantaged students who are interested in becoming a teacher or researcher can apply to the project by setting a learning goal and discussing about its feasibility and implementation plan with their advisor. (02)7749-1892